Backup and Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes, does your business have a plan in place to recovery after the incident?

We all think, ‘it won’t happen to me’, but we can’t always foresee flooding or extreme weather events, cyber-attacks or equipment failure. As disaster can strike at any time, there is an ever increasing need to have in place both a disaster recovery plan and systems that ensure business continuity.

Many businesses fail to put the correct plans in place to prepare for unforeseen IT disasters which could potentially end an organisation. P2 Technologies is here to educate you and your business on planning for the future through disaster recovery and business continuity, but what do they mean and are you prepared?

Disaster recovery is a documented process, which we put together with your team, detailing the steps required to recover the IT systems back to a state of operation. The plan will define the IT systems required for business continuity such as cloud IT systems or cloud back up real time replication of server systems across two physical locations or more.

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