What does it take to be the perfect IT company?

In principle, it’s simple – as Martin says,

Just put yourself in the customers shoes. 

In practice it takes years of experience, good judgement and talent. We have spent time perfecting our business, employing and retaining the best staff, finding and investing in the industry leading tools, products and services and continuously developing our processes and procedures.

Staying true and committed to our customer service values throughout, we have created a company which innovates, leads and consistently serves a wonderful and growing group of customers.

P2 Values

We’re good at what we do

We aim high and always have a safety net protecting customers and delivering exceptional customer service.

We are Passionate People

We care about our jobs, our mission and serving our customers.  Being passionate makes going the extra mile for each other a pleasure.

We are People

For individuals to flourish, our personal needs are as important as our professional.  We all contribute to a safe, fun and fulfilling working environment.

Cohesion and Team Spirit

We are stronger together and more than we can be as individuals.  We work with and for each other to the greater aims of the team.

Freedom and Personal Leadership

All team members are free to take their own initiative, innovate and take responsibility.  The ability to change and re-invent ourselves keeps us agile, serving customers and ahead of the competition.

Integrity and Loyalty

Being loyal to the company and each other makes our team strong and supportive.  That respect and mutual support gives us confidence to do great work and take on any challenge.

We've made IT simple for these great clients...

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