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P2 Technologies support professional businesses by providing clear and trusted IT service. 

Our team provide our clients a complete, proactive IT service to ensure the smooth running of technology for their business. Our customers are freed from IT problems which are dealt with by our experienced and accredited engineers, taking responsibility for the IT, system strategy and guidance.

Key Benefits

  • A trusted IT provider
  • Reduced IT costs 
  • Work continuously 
  • Peace of mind 
  • Responsive and proactive 

For clear and trusted business IT advice call 01484 779 020

Extract best value from existing systems and new technology.

Efficient IT strategy saves businesses money. P2 OneSupport clients receive regular reviews and strategy guidance ensuring that maximum value is gained from existing systems and that any new expenditure is focused as efficiently as possible. By planning ahead, businesses are also able to budget more effectively and ensure that IT services continue to be effective as business needs change.


  • Reduce unnecessary IT expenditure.
  • Fix IT budgets effectively.
  • Ensure continuity of IT services to the business.

IT solutions you can trust including virtual systems, high availability and hosting.

Businesses need IT that just works - simple. Whether you need a single server or multiple servers supporting many offices, P2 delivers robust, tried and tested, IT infrastructure solutions ensuring your IT does just that - it WORKS! P2 manages projects from design to completion so that businesses can continue without interruption.


  • Be confident in existing IT systems
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Keep working during IT upgrades

Increase uptime and productivity, predict faults and report on IT service delivery.

Prevention is better than cure! So that your business avoids costly downtime P2’s managed service monitors IT systems 24/7 fixing problems before they happen and ensuring rapid response to any critical failures. Businesses can also plan ahead and budget effectively supported by clear management reporting.


  • Less downtime = more work time = more profit
  • Audit IT strategy and performance with clear management reports
  • Plan and budget effectively

Call P2 now for advice on any IT project or problem.

For clear and trusted advice on your IT systems call our friendly and experienced team. P2 can audit your systems whilst understanding your business and processes. Based on experience we can present back a clear picture of your IT and the direction to take the business and technology forward.


  • Trusted advice and proven experience
  • Understand the latest business technology
  • Clear recommendations on IT strategy focused on your business process

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