Can Voice over IP (VoIP) Save Your Company Money?

The economy might technically be out of recession, however businesses are still doing everything in their power to cut costs and save as much as possible without compromising on quality. One avenue for savings is switching from a traditional business phone system and lines to a VoIP plan. VoIP is a technology that has been around for a little over a decade now and allows you to make and receive phone calls over digital internet lines instead of over traditional phone lines. Some common VoIP providers include Skype, Vonage or our own system Novavoice.

VoIP offers a lot of advantages over traditional business phone systems for example the technology is a lot more customisable giving you a huge range of options for how, where, and when you receive calls. A VoIP based phone system will take phone calls on an office phone during business hours and then to transfer them to your private mobile after-hours. They also offer features such as video calling, the ability to run your own internal telephone board exchange (PBX), and to control all of the equipment that handles telephone service in your office. As the telephone system is cloud based and depending on provider many new features can be added or removed giving you much more flexibility to scale up or down depending on your business requirements.

The biggest benefit of VoIP for business though is the cost saving with VoIP systems often being significantly cheaper than similar services offered by traditional commercial telecoms. With the removal of traditional phone lines and moving the phone system to the cloud the reduction in hardware costs alone makes a significant saving. If you have branch offices or remote workers the call costs are free, allowing businesses to scale and improve flexible working and communication.

Of course VoIP services offer some disadvantages too, these need to be weighed carefully before making a decision. Unlike traditional telephone lines VoIP requires both power and internet to be functioning in order to work. Lose either one and you lose your phone lines, however services are increasingly more reliable or contingency can be planned for depending on your business requirement.

To find out more about VoIP telephone systems, see our demonstration suite or request a brochure please contact us.

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