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Looking to review your aging communication platform? Are you looking to cut costs whilst boosting efficiency? Do you want your employees to work anywhere?

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Smarter cloud solutions and services from P2 Technologies.

Our cloud based telephony solution brings more than just significant cost savings, it brings a wealth of features and benefits that delivers flexibility, increased operational efficiencies, productivity and resilience. 

Novavoice delivers traditional phone system features from the cloud and much more. You have peace of mind that you can still do all the normal things you can do with a phone system such as transferring calls, conferencing and hunt groups, however extend that as a real time communication platform including presence, instant messaging and have free calls between staff working at home or your branch offices.

Novavoice Benefits

The right cloud communications solution needs to be simple to use, offer service fexibility and not require added IT support. Novavoice delivers tools that improve user productivity and customer engagement. It has the scale andadministrative tools to support one location or one thousand and offers dual redundancy facilitating no singlepoint of failure; robust protection.

Here are just a few of the benefits of switching to a Novavoice system:

  • Greater Flexibility - Providing fexibility and increasing productivity by enabling staff to work when and from anywhere. Whether at home, a remote office, a hotel room, an airport or a coffee shop, staff can work as though theyare at their desk in the office.
  • Increased Mobility - Providing users with one phone number that routes calls wherever they are and to any device - desk phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Ensure staff are able to interact efficiently with customers and each other regardless of their location.
  • Flexible Scalability - Grow or shrink the number of extensions as required. Via our portal it’s simple to add, change, remove or move users. Pay for what you need and manage everything from one account.
  • Rapid Deployment - Immediate and simple set up gets you up and running much quicker than a traditional telephone system. Our simple, user-friendly web portal allows you to easily add, remove and update users without the need for
  • Reliability - Spread across secure, geo- redundant data centres ensures the highest levels of reliability. Even in the event of disruptions via our portal calls can immediately be re-routed to any other location, back-up site or phone ensuring its business as usual.
  • Significant Cost Savings - Low set up costs and no onsite equipment needed means there’s no hefty initial investments or ongoing maintenance or upgrade costs. Plus, get free calls between staff across the network.
  • Unified communication features - All the features and functionality expected from a traditional phone system plus unifed communications features, including instant messaging, presence and conferencing.
  • Pre-configured handsets - Works right out of the box. We pre-configure the handsets for you so as soon as you need them you are ready to go. Users just simply need to plug their phone into the network.
  • Ease of integration - Novavoice can integrate with your existing phone system, helping to protect the investment you have already made, while providing you with new services and features.
  • Sophisticaed Call Management - Get sophisticated call features from your mobile. Set up your menu, routing selections and schedule options across multiple locations. Select where incoming, after-hours and over-flow calls go and how they are received.

Novavoice Features

Novavoice offers a host of features including:

  • One Number Simplicity - With just one phone number calls can be routed to wherever you are - desk phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop making it easy to work from anywhere.
  • One Business Directory - Access your directory with presence information and instant messaging across multiple devices.
  • Call Grabber - Easily move calls between your desk phone and your mobile.
  • MeetMe Confrencing - Easily make and receive audio and video calls using your mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Collaboration - Bring team members and business partners together to share information and get decisions made.
  • Voice Messages - See and listen to your voice messages with just one touch.
  • Simplify call management - Easily set up menu structures, routing selections and schedule options. Be sure every call is answered and routed effciently and correctly, day or night.
  • Attendant console - Virtual receptionist or supplement your receptionist to support incoming calls, after-hours and overlow call routing.
  • Call Control Features - Get sophisticated call features from your mobile device including mute, hold, transfer, call park and call retrieve.
  • UC Services without a desk phone - Anywhere you have internet access have a full UC experience; find colleagues, see their presence, send/receive instant messages and make/receive voice & video calls.
  • Managed phone service 24/7 - Measure real-time and historical performance or just gain access to your call settings.

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Simplify and Enhance your Communications without Boundaries: smarter cloud solutions and services from P2 Technologies

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