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Is your business growing or have an aging communication platform that is not working for your business - do you require a flexible and reliable phone system that has all the features you need out of the box? Speak to us today about the iQ PBX telephone system, and save on your business communication costs by taking advantage of the latest voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Depending on your Internet connectivity we can move your business away from traditional ISDN phone lines and provide the same phone numbers, lower the rental of phone lines and lower voice call costs simultaneously. If you have branch offices or remote workers we can integrate these as part of the system and in many case remove the internal call costs.

Many businesses experience frustration with their current telephone systems including expensive maintenance and licensing costs, complex system management and poor vendor support. These downfalls can all be avoided with the iQ PBX equipment as well as help save you valuable time and money.

Our customers benefit from the iQ PBX 600 and iQ PBX 2000 specialised phone systems specifically designed for businesses. The systems’ flexible connectivity and impressive collection of features makes the IQ products the perfect solution to reduce costs and increase productivity whilst maintaining reliability and quality of service.

Benefits of the IQ systems include:

- Robust all in one features with a complete VoIP system in one box (works with traditional ISDN lines if required)

- All systems come with licences included so there are no extra costs involved

- Multi-language web GUI and voice prompts

- Easy to use and manage

- 100% call record with enhanced security

- Softphone options

- Application integration, click to dial and screen popping

- Energy saving

- It’s easy to connect mainstream IP handsets in single or multi-office environments

 Advanced features include voicemail to email, Skype integration, 3 way video conferencing, voicemail to email, music on transfer and many more. Transition is easy, inexpensive and risk free and we can manage the migration process for you from start to finish.

Find out about our latest project for client, Housing Diversity Network here. 

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Simplify and Enhance your Communications without Boundaries: smarter cloud solutions and services from P2 Technologies

Novavoice delivers traditional phone system features from the cloud and much more. You have peace of mind that you can still do all the normal things you can do with a phone system such as transferring calls, conferencing and hunt groups, however extend that as a real time communication platform including presence, instant messaging and have free calls between staff working at home or your branch offices.

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