Server hardware is increasingly more powerful, improved performance together with advances is server software allows our customers to make more efficient use of computing resources. A server can now be virtualised and will sit and run alongside other virtual machines on one or fewer physical servers. The result is a direct saving in capital costs as fewer physical machines are required.

There are many other reasons that server virtualisation has advantages for customers regardless of size;

- If additional resource is required for the virtual machine (storage, RAM or processor) and the physical server that it resides on has capacity, this can be added easily and quickly and in most cases without disruption.
- If a business is growing and requires addition server resource or requires a server to run a new application, these can be built very quickly and will operate alongside the other virtual machines on the same physical server, saving the direct cost of purchasing more physical servers and running costs associated such as power and cooling.
- If a customer has an application that is running on aging server hardware and the physical server or application can not be retired or upgraded - using our expertise and technology we can convert the old physical server in to a virtual machine and run it on new server hardware – eliminating the server hardware maintenance issue and - often improving application performance.
- As the servers are virtualised - backup, recovery and disaster recovery options are easier to implement and cost effective, click here for more information on backup and disaster recovery

We can remotely monitor and provide on-site support for physical and virtual server machines as part of our IT helpdesk service.

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